Get rid of your bulky wallet!

There is no need to carry every card and ID you own. Here is a solution.

  1. Photograph all of your cards and ID's (front & back) and store the photos in an album on your phone.
  2. Carry only the few essential cards, ID's, and cash you actually need. Show photos of the others if needed.
  3. Lose a card? Find it in the photo album to call and cancel! Within minutes a new card can be on the way!
Ladies, you can now leave your purse at home!
Since you no longer need a wallet, do you really need your purse today? Or tonight?

You no longer need a separate stand for your phone either!

When unfolded, your Cell Mate functions as a convenient stand.

  1. Place it on your desk to monitor alerts and messages while working or studying.
  2. Browse the web and social media sites hands-free at lunch.
  3. Follow recipes or keep up on the news while preparing meals.
  4. Place it on your nightstand as an alarm clock at home or on the road.

How to apply your Cell Mate

The Cell Mate attaches to most smartphones and cases in seconds.

  1. Clean the back of your smartphone or case.
  2. Peel the white backing off of the Cell Mate adhesive and carefully position it on the lower back of your phone or case. The front panel of the Cell Mate should flip upward. A few older models of smartphones may require that you position the Cell Mate a little higher or off-center to avoid covering a speaker.
  3. Press firmly for several seconds to ensure good adhesion to your phone or case.
  4. Insert your essential cards, ID's, and cash. Each pocket is designed to easily hold two cards.
  5. Pat yourself on the back because you have just streamlined your life!